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Noire Hypnotized by Koltiras
Mature content
Noire Hypnotized :iconkoltiras:Koltiras 331 29
Sisters' Bonds: Kuroka and Koneko by Koltiras
Mature content
Sisters' Bonds: Kuroka and Koneko :iconkoltiras:Koltiras 296 39
Kaname and Patako by Koltiras
Mature content
Kaname and Patako :iconkoltiras:Koltiras 207 12
Shiina Mashiro by Koltiras
Mature content
Shiina Mashiro :iconkoltiras:Koltiras 402 32
Anchovy by Koltiras
Mature content
Anchovy :iconkoltiras:Koltiras 289 25
Iris Heart by Koltiras
Mature content
Iris Heart :iconkoltiras:Koltiras 427 47
Jack-O' Valentine by Koltiras
Mature content
Jack-O' Valentine :iconkoltiras:Koltiras 424 34
Nonna and Katyusha by Koltiras
Mature content
Nonna and Katyusha :iconkoltiras:Koltiras 296 44
Airfield Princess by Koltiras
Mature content
Airfield Princess :iconkoltiras:Koltiras 106 7
Purple Heart by Koltiras
Mature content
Purple Heart :iconkoltiras:Koltiras 467 43
Harley by Koltiras
Mature content
Harley :iconkoltiras:Koltiras 350 30
B-sha by Koltiras
Mature content
B-sha :iconkoltiras:Koltiras 151 32
Tahli by Koltiras
Mature content
Tahli :iconkoltiras:Koltiras 279 13
Flay and Ange by Koltiras
Mature content
Flay and Ange :iconkoltiras:Koltiras 476 38
Kuuko by Koltiras
Mature content
Kuuko :iconkoltiras:Koltiras 361 25
Eclair by Koltiras
Mature content
Eclair :iconkoltiras:Koltiras 283 22


Tales of Zestiria - Unwanted Princess (Part 1)
This is a fanfic of the game "Tales of Zestiria" which belongs to its respective owners. Contains DID/Bondage.
„Unhand me!” Said loudly Princess Alisha Diphda to the knights that were her ‘escorting’ her. There were four of them, two of which were forcefully holding her arms. “Didn’t you hear!”
It would seemed that Chancellor Bartlow had no intention of listening to her after Alisha returned alone for Marlind, no matter how successful she was in helping to cure the plague. Quite contrary, because of that very deed she was an even more inconvenient existence in his eyes. An existence that stubbornly refused to follow his wish and disappear from this world.
The Shepherd would follow orders in exchange for her safety. The fool. Both of them had to die, the sooner the better. There was no point in keeping the Princess alive, as there was always the risk of her being rescued.
Bartlow didn’t intend to take any chances, Princess Alisha Di
:icondirkjag:DirkJAG 15 1
Chris Yukine Taped bust by TheRopeBaron Chris Yukine Taped bust :icontheropebaron:TheRopeBaron 292 7 request Phoebe 2 by Viran39 request Phoebe 2 :iconviran39:Viran39 60 2 The Bound Shrine Maiden by InkuSensei The Bound Shrine Maiden :iconinkusensei:InkuSensei 89 6 Highschool DxD - The Fallen Angels by jjavangard
Mature content
Highschool DxD - The Fallen Angels :iconjjavangard:jjavangard 378 58
Noire shows off her new toy by Tsinji
Mature content
Noire shows off her new toy :icontsinji:Tsinji 240 18
The Kidnapping of former Sub-Commander by songokussjsannin8000
Mature content
The Kidnapping of former Sub-Commander :iconsongokussjsannin8000:songokussjsannin8000 525 11
Cute Cats Gagged by songokussjsannin8000
Mature content
Cute Cats Gagged :iconsongokussjsannin8000:songokussjsannin8000 606 13
Nisa by SharpFFFFFF Nisa :iconsharpffffff:SharpFFFFFF 671 22 Asuna Yuuki Tied Up and Gagged 6 by songokussjsannin8000
Mature content
Asuna Yuuki Tied Up and Gagged 6 :iconsongokussjsannin8000:songokussjsannin8000 1,978 37
Commission: Kiefer and Ferris by Kendrian Commission: Kiefer and Ferris :iconkendrian:Kendrian 403 33
Strike the Blood: Admirer Kidnapping
As the sun began to set on Ayami Academy, the last few students heading home for the day. Natsuki Minamiya sat in her office sighing loudly as she looked at the paper work of Kojou Akatsuki.
"If that idiot keeps focusing on that harem of his, he will never pass my class." She said tossing his F stamped paper off to the side. She lean back into her chair stretching out her arms while wearing a white gothic lolita outfit dress with black thigh high stockings with back length black hair and had deep blue eyes. "I should start packing up for the day." She said growing tired of the daily work and as she resume grading the last few papers, she looked sharply at the doorway. She sighed once more and got up and headed towards the door with an annoyed look on her face.
"The bell has rung and the doors to the front gate will close soon. All students should be gone!" She called out in a serious tone as she slide the door open to see a well-built male standing before her in a dark outfit complete
:iconed3765:ED3765 46 5
Mature content
Strike the Blood: Admirer Kidnapping Pt 2 :iconed3765:ED3765 25 2
Lightning Vanille Aqua by no-pornography Lightning Vanille Aqua :iconno-pornography:no-pornography 895 53 Mini Mugi Mummy by TraceMem Mini Mugi Mummy :icontracemem:TraceMem 49 5 Yotsugi Ononoki  by no-pornography Yotsugi Ononoki :iconno-pornography:no-pornography 207 7



Noire Hypnotized
:iconhalo3fan:'s commission, Noire from hyperdimension neptunia, gagged with white tape and hypnotized, sorry for the long delay, and hope you like it Meow :3 

now that I think about it, I rarely draw hypno eyes, and I've never drawn white tape before, so I'm not quite sure if it turned out OK :| (Blank Stare) 
Dear art block, haven't you bothered me enough? Don't you have someone else to bother?
Sisters' Bonds: Kuroka and Koneko
Kuroka and Koneko from Highschool DxD
What's she doing? I'll leave that to your imagination =P (Razz) 

no, I'm not dead, just got a huge art block, I'm still working my commission/request, alright Fool Emoji-37 (Waving and Crying) [V3] , meanwhile, please enjoy this one, it's already finished long ago, just polished it a bit
backgroundless version:


Koltiras's Profile Picture

as the master of lateness, i will answer this questionnaires in celebration of 15th anniversary of DeviantArt, here i go

1. How long have you been on DeviantArt?

4 years in this account, 3 years as lurker in my old account, so that makes it 7 years

2.What does your username mean?

it was the name of my lord knight in ragnarok online a long time ago

3. Describe yourself in three words.

lazy as f*ck

4. Are you left or right handed?


5. What was your first deviation?

a terrible drawing, in my old account, i don't wanna recall it if i can

6. What is your favorite type of art to create?

a girl bound and gagged?

7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?

armorsmithing, like making an armor for cosplay,

8. What was your first favourite?

i don't remember, it was too long ago

9. What type of art do you tend to favorite the most?

girl/s bound and gagged? i rarely favorite though, i usually download it

10. Who is your all-time favorite deviant artist?

too many

11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?



12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?

back in 2011, when i make a request to :iconlureda: in my old account, bobbysiganteng, he encouraged me to be more active, so i tried to make art for myself, had given up several times, considering to abandon drawing several times, even now, but it really is :iconlureda: that made me start, and it kind of make my life more interesting

13. What are your preferred tools to create art?

my laptop and pc?

14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?

anywhere, usually in my room


15. What is your favorite DeviantArt memory?

seeing that my deviation is favorited or downloaded, it feels kind of nice when somebody is pleased by my deviation, even if it's just one person


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judging by the lack of a response to my note you either haven't been around, gotten to reading it, or there's no more updates on my commission just yet? 
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Hi. Do you accept request?
Koltiras Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2017
not right now...
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